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Please join us for a celebration and tribute to Jim Boyce and his illustrious tenure as owner of Marin French Cheese. Continuing the Marin French 15oth Anniversary festivities, this celebration will honor Jim’s memory with an exhibit of contemporary art, live music and, of course, great cheese.

This public event features a tented exhibit area with more than fifty pieces of art by local Marin artists from Art Contemporary Marin (ACM), a nonprofit contemporary arts organization serving Marin County in support of artists and their work, which Jim helped found.
Proceeds from art sales include a donation to the nonprofit.

Saturday and Sunday: Art Exhibit and Sale

Saturday Only: Market-style food & beverage sampling & Music

Bring a picnic blanket!


 150th Anniversary

At Marin French we’ve been passionate about cheesemaking since 1865. So, in 2015 we’re taking a look back over the 150 years we’ve spent here at Hicks Valley Ranch making our original, handcrafted soft-ripened cheeses. While honoring our tradition we celebrate the innovation and exciting awards our company is enjoying today.

Every day we welcome visitors to sample cheese and picnic by the pond.  We hear stories of couples who got engaged over a cheese-picnic, learned to drive in our parking lot, met the school bus under our big Cheese Factory sign, or worked in the packing room during school breaks.  Come share our cheese, your memories and most of all, our appreciation for so many wonderful years making cheese in beautiful Marin County.

Visit us right now by watching the video below.