The Petites are elegant triple crème, 4-ounce disks made with fresh cow’s milk and cream.

Each handcrafted wheel reflects characteristics of authentic varietal cultures and careful ripening techniques. The Petite cheeses are perfect for picnics and casual entertaining, elegant cheese plates or the simple pleasure of celebrating the good things in life.

NEW! Petite Cendrée. 2016 sofi award finalist

Mellow & smooth.

A Muscatel is an excellent choice for a white wine pairing, and a Pinot Noir or a California Cabernet is a great red wine option.

NEW! Petite Jalapeno. Warm & creamy.

A crisp Sauvignon Blanc or wheat beer will cut the heat from the peppers and enhance the creaminess of the Brie.


Petite Breakfast. Mild & buttery.

Pair with California Sauvignon Blanc, Wheat Beer or Hard Cider


Petite Crème. Rich & smooth.

Pair with California sparkling wine, Petite Syrah or IPA


Petite Camembert. Complex & aromatic.

Pair with Unoaked Chardonnay, California Rhone blend, Stout or Porter


Petite Truffle. Earthy & creamy.

Pair with California sparkling wine or Champagne


Petite Supreme. Lush & buttery.

Pair with California sparkling wine, Petite Syrah or IPA

Awards and Recognition

Marin French Cheese has produced a variety of award-winning cheeses over the years. See our latest accolades here.