Gift Baskets

Give the gift of cheese, always appreciated, always appropriate. We’ve put together a variety of baskets featuring an array of our most popular cheeses. All you have to do is choose and share!

Your cheese gift is important to us. We know that a gift of carefully selected,delicious cheese and handcrafted foods celebrates many occasions – holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, business success, or just says you care. We’ll artfully arrange your selection in a rustic basket and include a handwritten card with your inscription, then pack your gift in a sturdy styro cooler well-chilled and protected for shipping.

3-Wheels Collections

When one wheel just isn’t enough, this collection gives you options. Stock up on your favorite style or combine any 3 to please a crowd. Includes 3 8-ounce wheels and wood handled cheese knife. Choose 3 Tradtional Brie3 Triple Crème Brie or 3 Camembert

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3-Wheels Variety

Can’t decide?  Love them all? Here’s the perfect trio for you. Includes 3 8-ounce wheels and wood handled cheese knife. The 3-Wheels Variety comes with Traditional Brie, Triple Crème Brie, and Camembert.

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Petite Collection

Chefs love these tasty rounds for elegant cheese platters. We love them for picnics, easy entertaining or snacking. Chose 4 of your favorite style. Includes 4 4-ounce wheels and wood handled cheese knife. Choose 4 of your favorite style: Petite Breakfast, Petite Crème, Petite Camembert or Petite Blue

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Petite Variety: 1 each, Petite Breakfast, Crème, Camembert, Blue

A veritable feast of flavors – all four Petite flavors to satisfy every cheese appetite.

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Breakfast Collection

Cheese for breakfast? Think toast spread with luscious cheese, drizzled with our local honey or handmade jam, a side of bacon &’re set for the day!  Includes 2 8-ounce wheels (Triple Crème Brie and Camembert),2 4-ounce wheels (Petite Breakfast and Petite Blue), Jam (3-6 oz) and Honey (2.5 oz) and wood handled cheese knife.

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Hicks Valley Savory Collection

Here’s a collection to satisfy the cheese lover who prefers bold, robust flavors. Add a malty brew and let the party begin! Includes 2 8-ounce wheels (Triple Crème Brie and Camembert), 1 6-ounce square (Schloss), 1 4-ounce wheel (Petite Blue), slightly spicy black olive tapenade (6-10 oz) and our favorite open-blade soft cheese knife.

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Baked Brie Basket

Who can resist the melty richness of warm baked Brie? Marin French award-winning Brie and Camembert fit perfectly in our ceramic baker for an easy and impressive appetizer. Includes: 2 8-ounce wheels, ceramic baker w/lid, topping mix, instructions, and small wood cutting board.

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Marin Collection

Treat yourself or send a party in a basket  for the beautiful experience of Marin County’s finest. This collection is a sampler of our unique cheeses and two  of Marin’s finest artisan accompaniments.Includes 3 8-ounce wheels (Traditional Brie, Triple Crème Brie and Camembert), 4 4-ounce wheels (Petite Crème, Petite Breakfast, Petite Camembert and Petite Blue), local honey, local chutney, small wood cutting board and our favorite open-blade soft cheese knife.

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