Cheese Tips

Cheese is cheese, right? Well, not exactly. Marin French Cheese is crafted for the ultimate taste experience.

To enhance your enjoyment we share some insights and nuances about how best to choose, store and serve our cheeses.

Selecting, Serving & Storing Tips

Selecting Serving & StoringMarin French Cheese specializes in making soft-ripened cheeses. The terms soft-ripened and bloomy rind are used interchangeably in the cheese world to describe similar styles.

• These cheeses ripen from the outside surface to the inside.
• Bloomy rind is an apt description for our Brie, Triple Crème Brie and Camembert cheeses, as they are distinguished by a fluffy white rind on the outside of the cheese while the inside softens gradually and develops rich flavor, creamy texture and subtle aroma.
• Petite Breakfast is sold fresh and young before rind develops
• Schloss is a soft ripened cheese that has a washed rind



The top wheel is mature, the middle wheel is ripe and the bottom wheel is young.

Marin French Cheeses ripen over 6 to 10 weeks – Check “use by” date and use this formula to select the ripeness you prefer:

–A mature wheel with give easily to gentle pressure on the sides and in the center (serve now – 1 week before “use by” date)

–A ripe wheel will be firm in the center but give at the edges (can be served, but can ripen a little further – 3 weeks before “use by” date)

–A young wheel will be firm in the center and on the edges (needs more aging before serving – 6 weeks before “use by” date)
Preferred stage of ripeness for use is based on personal preference


cheese101_cuttingboardServing soft-ripened cheese is fun, easy and requires no special skill or experience.

–Unwrap the wheel and cut in half through the center

–Cut small slices from the half

–Include center and rind in each bite

–Don’t pre-cut until ready to serve. For best flavor always serve cheese at room temperature




Artisan cheese is a living food and needs air and moisture.

–After cheese is cut, avoid covering with plastic film.
–After cheese is cut, wrap in waxed paper, parchment or cheese paper – then place in a plastic container with a lid, or re-store in the poplar wood cup your cheese came in.